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Our Luxury Hair

Our Luxury Hair Collection extensions come in the following form: Loose Wave, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Straight, Afro Kinky and Afro Curly. All extensions come in a natural off black to medium brown shade. All hair that has been manufactured and stitched onto a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding.


However, Sewing through the wefts will cause the wefts to loosen, unravel, and shed excessively.  To keep wefts in good condition, we suggest sewing around the wefts.


In addition, we also suggest putting a drop of weft sealer adhesive on each end of the cut wefts to help prevent shedding. Refunds or Exchanges are NOT offered on shedding hair once hair has been installed. Please refer to our Refunds and Exchange policy here.

How To Measure Your Hair

Your hair extensions should be measured to the end of the hair.


Start 0 at the weft and measure to the ends of the bundle. All curly & wavy hair extensions must be measured by pulling the hair straight. Again, start 0 at the weft; pull the hair straight from the ends, and the length will be at the tips of the hair. Each bundle will not measure exactly when it is still wrapped in its band, as tension can affect the fall of each strand.

Single Weft Disclaimer

All of our hair is single drawn meaning the hair is stitched onto the weft exactly how it grew off the individual's head, a single donor. Single drawn hair contains various lengths throughout the bundle. However, the overall length is determined by the longest hair strands.

Remy vs. Virgin Hair



Virgin hair has full cuticles intact and it can achieve all colors when dying or bleaching it. Hair has never been dyed, colored, permed, or chemically processed. Virgin hair is expected to last approximately 2 years with proper hair care.




Remy hair has partial cuticles intact (approximately 80 percent) and can achieve light colors after dying or bleaching such as 27#. Hair texture is softer and silkier than virgin hair and is estimated to last 1-2 years with proper maintenance.